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Sharon Stone wants a geek...

Sexy film icon Sharon Stone says she's off dating cool guys and would like to romance a nerd, preferably one wearing SpongeBob pajamas.

The 47-year-old actress is fed up with men who expect to date the fantasy Sharon Stone.

"You date somebody and three months into the relationship you get the flu and he's so furious, and he goes to his front-row seats at the basketball game without you because he doesn't want to be with the person who gets the flu," Stone told Newsweek.

"I stopped dating about a year ago, and decided to take some time to heal myself from a variety of traumas, that being one of them."

Stone recently denied reports she was dating retired Lakers' hoop star Rick Fox and TV talk-show host Craig Ferguson. Both men might be too cool for Stone's tastes, anyway.

"Guys who think they're cool aren't cool to me," said Stone, who often describes herself as an "ubergeek" with an IQ of 154.

"The kind of guy I'm looking for would want to wear SpongeBob pajamas and sit in the front row at the school play," she said.

Since divorcing from San Francisco Chronicle editor Phil Bronstein in 2003, Stone said she's "come to recognize that I'm special, and my children are special, and I deserve to be treasured like anyone does."

She has two adopted sons, Roan, 5, and 10-month-old Laird.

The blond screen siren is about to make more men fantasize about her, geeks included, as she reprises her role as seductive murder suspect Catherine Tramell in "Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction."

The film, to be released March 31, is so steamy it had to be watered down to get its R rating. source

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