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Foreign film LOFT getting remade for Americans

WARNING : Post containing news about a foreign movie being remade in Hollywood:

Loft, the most commercially successful Flemish language film (Belgium, Europe!) of all time. It concerns five wealthy men who “timeshare” an expensive loft apartment in order to indulge their carnal desires with various mistresses out of sight of their wives and girlfriends. The system works as it should until one of them finds a dead woman chained to the bed and a retrospective thriller of suspicion and intrigue unfolds in pursuit of the culprit.

In 2008 Belgian director Erik Van Looy - already quite well known on the international scene thanks to the success of his thriller The Alzheimer Case created a massive sensation in his home country with the release of Loft. A sexy thriller about a group of friends who jointly maintain a secret apartment for trysts with their mistresses - one of whom turns up dead - the film was a monstrous hit at home. Given the type of content and the massive success, an international remake seemed inevitable. But even given the current hunger for proven commodities what has happened is a bit surprising.

In December of 2010 the first remake of Loft appeared, this one a Dutch affair directed by Antoinette Beumer. Public response seems to have been good - it currently has a 7+ rating on the IMDB - and it opened strong in third spot.

But doing it again once was clearly not enough. It's happening again, this time in a US version with the action transposed to New Orleans and a surprising amount of Belgian talent on hand. Now in production, the US version features original director Van Looy at the helm with acclaimed Belgian cinematographer Nicolas Karakatsanis and original producer Hilde De Laere - who also oversaw the Dutch version - producing alongside American partners from Anonymous Content. Van Looy has even brought an original cast member over, with Matthias Schoenaerts (Bullhead) reprising the role of Filip, which he played in the original. Wentworth Miller, Karl Urban, James Marsden and Patrick Wilson Eric Stonestreet round out the group of five friends. Patrick left production. Misleading pic is misleading.

So now we've got three versions of the same film made within three years of the release of the first. That has to be some sort of record.

This is the original trailer:

00:42 - James Marsden and Rachael Taylor filming a scene..
01:35 - interview with James Marsden
02:11 - Cast filming a scene omg wtf at Wentworth Miller

Meet the cast:

Original Belgian cast:

Cast of the Dutch remake

Hollywood Cast:

The names under the women are the names of the original actresses who played in the original movie.

So ur ce   

I've only seen the original movie and read about the Dutch version. Apparently they have the same ending, hopefully they changed the Hollywood ending otherwise I already know who the killer is. :(
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