Professional Chocolate Taster & Amateur Actress Amanda Bynes Has a New Puppy!

Amanda Bynes experienced heartbreak in April when her 4-month-old teacup Pomeranian, Little Angel, died unexpectedly. And although she calls the experience "traumatic and devastating," her new dog, Tiara, is keeping her spirits high. "I already got a replacement pup, and she's awesome," Bynes recently told PEOPLE. "I'm such an animal lover, so it was such a tragic, awful thing when I lost Angel." At first, the actress had reported Little Angel as being lost, and then told her followers on Twitter that the pooch had died. "Little Angel is in heaven now," she wrote. "RIP I love you."

"I didn't go into detail about it because it was just so hard," she said. "But I'm really happy I have another dog." Some of her fans questioned Bynes's decision to get a new dog so quickly, and, again, she took to Twitter to defend herself. "For those asking if it's too soon for me to get a new puppy, it isn't too soon," she said. "Tiara's helping me cope with the loss of Little Angel."

As rough as it was to lose her little one, Bynes is moving forward and focusing on her latest canine companion. "Her name is Tiara, like a princess's tiara," she said. "She's just precious. She's just a little Pomeranian. You've got to love them."

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