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former musicians whore themselves on American Inventor

Evan and Jaron show up to whore themselves on American Inventor's premiere

Remember these guys? They had the one hit song about 5 years ago called "Crazy for this Girl"
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excerpt from the article:

Perhaps the most interesting moment, however, involved some classic reality TV whoring. One-hit wonders Evan and Jaron showed up as contestants to pitch a two-level bowl, which had space for seeds, pits, and shells underneath a serving dish.

Unlike Chris Wylde’s pseudonymous appearance on American Idol 3, they didn’t hide their identity; one of their friends' band members actually announced to the judges that they were “famous musicians, Evan and Jaron … do your hit song!” And they did, singing a few lines of “Crazy For This Girl.”

How sad is it that you have to go on a reality show to make America remember who you are? Three of the judges voted to send them to the next round, but one wasn’t buying it. “It’s a hustle. A cheap hustle,” judge Doug Hall said.
While Doug voted for the DVD woman, Mary Lou actually voted for Evan and Jaron, who in the post-interview confessional, confirmed that they were using the show just for PR: “We’re going to be huge. We’re going to be famous again, America.”

In other words, screw the invention, we’ll be famous because once we appear on the show, people will buy our record and visit our web site, and the media will write about us, and even those people who write about our shameless publicity whoring will be giving us even more publicity.


source: realityblurred

did anyone catch this!?! pitifully hilarious. even more pitiful is that i actually stood in line to meet them in 2001. eeegh.

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