ellinorianne (ellinorianne) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Is Perez Hilton The New Clay Aiken?

There seems to be a distinct similarity in behavior when it comes to Perez Hilton and Clay Aiken.

A report by our friend at Faded Youth - Celebrity Terrorist' has alerted us to this little gem about 'The Queen Of All Media.' "Just when you thought online cruising was only for fallen American Idols, think again. The investigative people at Gawker have unearthed Perez Hilton's Adam4Adam.com profile."

Gawker writes: 'We hate to do this -- we really, really do - but given his public profile these days, it was only inevitable.'

O.K. lets take a look at this shall we? I mean if we dig I wonder if we will find any ex-green berets, indian chiefs or bikers in 'ol Perizzle's history.

This is actually poetic justice. Clay Aiken takes a beating nearly daily on Perez's site however, Perez probably isn't worried about being outed.

He should however, be worried about the following:

Just as we thought, Perez doesn't have a lot hanging. In fact at 7.5 inches no one would ever mistakenly use the term 'larger than life,' unless of course we were talking about his current weight. In his picture -- we can see that Perizzle was actually thin once!.

Perez or his imitator ( Coti? ) also expresses an affinity for some 'pnp' sex. Ah, Party & Play. What's that you ask? Sex with drugs we understand.

Perez would also seem to enjoy a good 'ol 3-some or simply the following ( in no particular order of course ), JO, Sucking, F**king, 1 on 1, Group Sex, Voyeurism, Leather, Toys, Role Playing, B&D, S&M, Pig Play, WS, Rimming, F**k Buddy, LTR, Friends, Dating, Kissing. He's also apparently on the hunt for "wild times with nasty, sane, cool guys" and nothing seems to get 'ol Perez's pee-pee stiffer than a good long lingering kiss.

"I like to think I can fit into as many scenes as possible," 'tommygnosis' proclaims. However, I just couldn't picture Perez at a Motorhead concert... Could you imagine? Lemmy and Perizzle? LOL.. But, I digress

He describes himself as very oral. "To be free one must give up a little part of oneself."

Don't get us wrong, we don't dislike the queen but we do find the whole thing incredibly ironic and since he never links to us anyway - we're not terribly concerned about pissing him off either.


I found this funny because, one they use Faded Youth as a fucking source! He still doesn't credit sources and I don't quite understand all the fuss. And secondly, who doesn't know Perez is gay? You can't compare him to Clay, Perez doesn't have a bevy of middle aged women who stalk his every move.

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