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you're telling me she has nothing better to do than hang out with him?

Perez & Lindsay BFF

Guess who just spent all night hanging with Lindsay Morgan Lohan????

That's right, Perezzle!

Friday night was one of the best evenings we've had in forever. Forever ever!

We spent most of the day asleep. Taking the red eye cross-country is so brutal. But, we woke up refreshed (still ticking on LA time) and ready to go!

We began the evening - at around Midnight - by meeting up with our friend Chris Rovzar at Barracuda in Chelsea, which apparently is the place to go for homos on a Friday night. Wall to wall faggotry! We could barely move.

At around 2:00 A.M., we headed off to Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva's super cool new venue, G Spa, at the Gansevoort Hotel, which functions as a spa by day and a lounge at night.

Ultra-exclusive, we'd guesstimate the venue can fit only about 100-150 VIPs. Our girl Lisette Sand-Freedman was kind enough to put us on the list, otherwise there was no way we'd have gotten in.

We had some drinkies at G-Spa, and then Perez parted ways with Chris and headed over with Jackie Sherry to Amy Sacco's legendary Bungalow 8 and met up with La Lohan herself!

Hanging with her girls, including miss Lindsay R. (representin' the OC), La Lohan looked gorgeous and smelled even better, wearing a scent made of oils, which she told us she custom-made herself!

Lindsay told us that she saw our pic in Paper magazine and loved it. We pretty damn near died.

We spent all night just talking and giggling and dancing.

What does one talk about with Lindsay Lohan? A lot of things, but especially two of our favorite subjects, Madonna and boys!

In addition to Miz Lohan, Bungalow was totally hopping with celebrities, socialites and the super hip.

Also seen there: Lauryn Flynn of Calvin Klein, Brandon Davis, Wesley Snipes and up-and-coming actor Justin Bartha, who graduated from NYU with us.

Just after 4:00 AM, when the lights came up at Bungalow, we headed into La Lohan's car and she was super excited to play us some of her favorite tunes, including songs by Goldfrapp, Jason Mraz, Nine Inch Nails and L.O.V.E. by Ashlee Simpson.
Lindsay's driver dropped us all off at her hotel, where we ate some pretzels and some Swedish Fish, hopped in her bed and just had a lovely time chatting and basking in the etherealness of it all.

source - perez

added 2nd pic of the skankalicious pair ...

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