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Kanye West comments on GRAMMY "vote splitting"

Outspoken rapper Kanye West offered up some post-GRAMMY Awards comments for a recent article with the Sydney Morning Herald. Below is an excerpt from the article in which West speaks about the "vote splitting" between his and Mariah's albums for the coveted Album of the Year GRAMMY.

Kanye West is the most important person working in popular music right now. In his own humble opinion, at least. Before the Grammy awards last month, the multi-award-winning, critically acclaimed and hugely controversial American producer and rapper declared: "If I don't win album of the year, I'm really going to have a problem with that." In the event, although he was nominated for eight Grammies and won three (including best rap album for the second year in a row), the most coveted prize went to U2. West is absolutely convinced he lost on a technicality, with the black music vote split between his album and Mariah Carey's, on which he was one of the featured producers.

"I make categories where I'm up against myself!" he declares. "I definitely deserved album of the year. I'm not saying that I made the best album of all time, I'm just saying it was the best album this year."

He nonetheless declares himself philosophical about the result. "I've accomplished almost everything that someone can accomplish in music in less than two years, so it just gives me something else to do, to make a record that's so annihilating that there's no way that me and Mariah could get vote splitting."

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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