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and their boniest bones...

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BUT FIRST- GUESS the order from 1 to 15. Lindsay Lohan, Paris H, Mary-Kate, Hilary Duff, Kate Bosworth, Teri Hatcher, Kate Moss, Jessica Simpson, Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, Kimberly Stewart, Victoria Beckham, Rachel Bilson, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston,

(in order)

1.Nicole Richie: To the guy under the rocks suprise, the reality show star has topped the list, but she just barely made it- the fact that she hasn't visted the hospital did it. STAMNIA FOR THE WIN. Bone: ankles

2.Victoria Beckham: Were sure that if Posh Spice hadn't invested in a girth-adding rack, she would have made number #1. Bone: hips

3.Lindsay Lohan Bulimia? Maybe. Peer pressure? Possibly. Partying so hard you sweat all your Corona cal's off? Deffinatley. Bone: arms

4.Mary-Kate Olsen Even after gaining alllll that weight back, the star has been seen looking Olsen-esque gaunt again in some new fashion ad's. Bone: Back

5.Kate Bosworth I guess the rumor that when you stop building muscle it turns into fat is falser than our next stars set of gum-ware. Bone: collar

6.Hilary Duff What goes best with a new set of teeth? A new set of cheeks! And with that? More bones to see! ((What exactly is in Joel Maddens sperm? Ephedrine?)) Bone: cheeks

7.Kate Moss: If you model, youre skinny. If you date a rockstar, youre skinny. If you snort coke, youre skinny. That right there is a triple threat. Bone: legs

8.Jennifer Aniston looked good in a bikini, so what? Well, she did loose 169 lbs didn't she? Pitt burn! Bone: shoulders

9.Paris Hilton: Like gal pal Kim Stewart, PHilton is tall, so one cannot be sure if its the luck of the lank, or the urge to purge...but we cannot find one damn thinspiration blog without some Paris sprinkles on top so here she is, rounding it out. Bone: butt

10.Jessica Simpson: Is it wrong that we dodn't find Jessica to be that emaciated? Ohhh look under daddy's cups-o-love? Okay then. Bone: ribs.

11. teri hatcher (was almost on our the top of our list, but the girl has always been skinny- were looking for more drama than that)
12. mischa barton (how could you not be stringy with that staggering height, if its not shocking, its not worthy)
13. eva longoria (is more popular for a famous show than being slim)
14. kimberly stewart (is more popular for having a dad than being slim)
15. rachel bilson (is more popular for who shes dating than being slim)


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