Miss.fuckwar. (_thellove_fuck) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Move your mouth TO THE BEAT OF...

Hilary Duff came to our mall today.
Lip-Synch Videos

edit:(WOA I didnt realize what everyone was talking about with that "dimple" on her face. Now I see it, and I also saw that but more extreme on an anorexic dancer in a health class video: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/thin/program.html
or, maybe it was a complication of her teeth straining her mouth/ complication of plastic surgery.

I didn't know she was coming, I was there on accident, but noticed an unusual amount of pink and 12 year old.
Duff was there to sign Candies posters and sing 5 songs that you could vote for at the store that carried Candies.

After her performance I've been convinced shes always lip-syncing.
First of all when she talked into the mic it was MUCH louder than when she "sang" into it. And then:
During "Wake up" she COMPLETELY fumbled the mic,
and the vocals KEPT going, but no one seemed to care.
(I guess it only matters if your as ugly as Ashlee Simpson)
Hilary was bright red for the rest of the set (So yesterday, Fly and Girl Can Rock) and kept looking to the side of the stage at some tech/manager people.
And instead of doing the 5 most voted songs she only did 4, (no Why Not).

Thank god, because I think her body was rusting from standing in the same god damn spot and NOT moving to entertain the little girls. Some old men might have been extremely entertained tho, because Hilary was wearing her signature "fuck-me" thigh boots and a ugly pant-suit (but actually a "short"-suit brown frock shit thing) and wow, please put your blonde extentions back in- pleaseeee, and please stop showing your forehead pleeeeaseee.

here: you get to hear her actual voice in each verse. ugh.
here: you have to listen to the end to hear her actual voice.
just to compare with a completely lip-synced performance:

source: me and you,tube

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