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In what sounds like a long shot Jennifer Aniston's friends are reportedly urging the beautiful American actress to pursue Oscar winner George Clooney romantically. In this week's issue of Life & Style Magazine, the tab cites an insider that details that "Jen and George have grown closer, and Vince is jealous." The insider notes that there's major chemistry between the couple already. And while George has said he doesn't want to remarry or have kids, an insider says that if anyone can change his mind, Jen can. "Jen and Vince are still seeing each other, but it's not a match made in heaven," the friend tells the magazine. None of Jen's friends expects the relationship to last. They think she should dump Vince and move on to George.


I think that the tabs have just started using MadLibs when it comes to reporting on George Clooney's Lovelife....something along the lines of :

Hollywood is abuzz about George Clooney, who was spotted insert -ing word tarlet insert female actress this past weekend at insert Hollywood restaurant here. Although Clooney is on record about never wanting marriage or children, friends say that insert femal actress is the one who will change his mind. "What they have together is really special," an insider says. "When he's with her, George knows that it is something that can last insert number years."

Mere rumors? Perhaps not! George is reportedly planning to take on a guest role in insert starlet's project here where he will play a a noun, and starlet's name is in discussions to act alongside Clooney again in the upcoming Ocean's insert number here.

Of course, now we just sit back and wait for the articles about how this affects their Teri Hatcher spin.

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