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The Hollywood superstar, the pretty masseuse and a sex act at a luxury Scottish golf hotel.

A top secret Hollywood star performed a lewd sex act in front of a masseuse at one of Scotland's most prestigious hotels, it was claimed yesterday.

The A-list celebrity is alleged to have carried out the act while on holiday with his wife at the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews.

An employment tribunal heard yesterday that the star, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was being given a massage in the hotel spa's by a member of staff when he allegedly took off his towel and exposed himself.

The spa worker claimed she was sacked after complaining to her bosses.

The American star was in Scotland to watch the DUnhill Links Championship pro-celebrity golf tournament.

The woman is claiming unfair dismissal, sexual discrimination and protective disclosure against her employers.

She told the Dundee tribunal she was 'mortified' when the star removed his massage towel before engaging in a sex act.

The 34-year-old woman said: "It was disgusting and, even though he was a Hollywood superstar, I can't believe he thought he could get away with it. He abused me and I considered that a criminal act."
"When I was giving his wife a massage afterwards I wanted to tell her everything."

She claimed that, during a previous massage, the star had touched her back.

The woman added: "the following day he came back and asked how II was. He asked if he made me uncomfortable by touching me the day before, but I said no, I was a professional and you have to learn who to deal with difficult clients. I asked him how he liked his massage and he said he liked it sweet. I thought it was a strange term to describe a massage. He asked me if I was comfortable with him everywhere and I said no. Throughout the massage he kept putting his hand underneath his towel but he never kept it there long enough for me to suspect anything. Then I moved to the top of his body to massage his head."

She told the tribunal the star grabbed her arm, whipped off his towel and performed a sex act.

The woman left the room but said a colleague went inside and saw what had happened.

She said her complaints against the star were not treated seriously enough and that he was even allowed to book another massage with one of her colleagues the day after the alleged incident in October 2004.

She claimed the hotel failed to provide proper counselling

After the Dunhill Link, the woman said she asked general manager Jonathan Stapleton if her job would be safe as new owner, the Kohlers, had taken over that very week and were reportedly close friends with the star. She added: "I as assured my job was safe".

She claims that in the following months she was held responsible for two small fires in the spa, even though she was not on duty at the time.

She said: "I was taken in and disciplined because the spa was supposed to be my responsibility. After the incident I was held responsible for everything and management undermined everything I did. Things became even more stained. While before I was seen as model worker, they were questioning everything I did. I was sent on a course to deal with difficult clients but it was pointless. It didn't help me mentally. I had to del with my trauma and it put a huge strain on my marriage."

The woman said she was finally fired in August last year added: "I went on holiday and when I got back there as a letter waiting from an attorney of the Kohlets stating they wanting to arrange counselling. But the day I got the letter I was called into a conference with Mrs Kohler and I was fired on the spot."

The tribunal continues.

Source - Scottish Daily Mail

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