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Hilary Duff in Houston at the Rodeo and insights to the lip-synching.


So the other day I was offered free tickets to attend the annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (probably the biggest event to stereotypical Texans everywhere), and i wasn't going to turn it down, even when I found out that the musical entertainment for the night was none other than Houston-native Miss Hilary Duff.
I must say though, the amount of girls in Reliant Stadium under the age of 12 was probably staggering.
I'll cut to the chase.
Image hosting by TinyPic

her hair was a bit darker and shorter...i suppose she took extensions out.
and she was wearing an outfit/dress/skirt? that i couldn't make sense of if i tried:
Image hosting by TinyPic
there's the back view.
i really don't understand how she's supposed to be a positive role model for little girls if she's going to dress in clothes that make her vadge hang out..but y'know, what do i know?
my review of the overall 'concert' is as follows:
Image hosting by TinyPic
hilary has back-up dancers that serve no purpose other than to draw attention from the fact that she has ZERO performance skill whatsoever. I've been to the rodeo before to see John Mayer [..I know, I know.], and even though he had a guitar around him the whole time, he managed to have a better energy and presence than Hilary times a thousand.
It was all just very rehearsed.
Image hosting by TinyPic
she also did her last song without announcing beforehand, and closed with a song that none of the kids knew well enough to sing along to.
massive credit goes out to her band, though.
her band is REALLY good.
i kind of want them to realize that and quit working for her.

About the classic lip-synch staple that is immediately associated with Hilary Duff's performances:
Some of the performance I can guarantee was lip-synched, because she missed the synching on a couple of the vocals; you wouldn't have noticed if you weren't out looking for a slip-up, though.
But some of the vocals were so awkward that I was convinced that her mic was ON during some of the songs.

Something I noticed that was interesting, also:
Next to the stage was a LOT of equipment that I usually don't see next to the rodeo's stage.
A lot of it I've seen before but it's usually not in that much excess.
There was one thing that looked like a computer screen and I couldn't really make it out, but I began to wonder if MAYBE Hilary DOES, in fact, sing vocals into her microphone, but maybe they get edited first and THEN sent out through the speakers. Pitch correction is an easy thing to do with recording software, and maybe they just rigged it where she does sing, but it's edited, live, right then and there.
I don't know.


[apologies for the horrrrible picture quality. the rodeo has no floor seating and the stage rotates in the center of the floor of the stadium, so it does not make for good shots.]

source: me.

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