Aina (fashionista__x3) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

LC's interview from Jane magazine

Where's Tre?
He's in New York.

We love Tre.
I love Tre! Tre is one of my favorite people in the world.

Tre didn't get enough airtime.
He was off saving the world and, like, curing cancer or something.

Are you going to hang out with him while you're in New York?
I didn't even think about that. I'm working the whole time I'm here. He's still working on his hats. He has new ones that are like Velcro and have [removable] political messages, so you can stick a new one on every day. It's cool.

How do you like working in the fashion industry--is it what you expected?
Well, I'm an intern so I help out with busywork--errands, invitations--basic stuff, but it's a fun job. I got to go to New York for Fashion Week, to deliver a dress.

I saw you at that show.
Did you?

Yeah, because everyone was freaking about the celebrities and I was like, "I saw LC from Laguna Beach!" It was the Marc by Marc show.
Marc by Marc, yup. They didn't tell me I would get to stay! I thought I was just gonna run in, and they were like, "You can stay."

Were there cameras with you?
There are always cameras with me.

Does it ever feel too invasive? Do you forget about them? What about when you made out with someone?
I wasn't gonna make out on camera, my grandma watches this show! Actually, the only time they ever got me making out I wasn't even on camera; they had cameras set up in a car and normally when you shut off the car, the battery turns off the cameras. But they had a separate battery set up, for some reason, so it was still on. And we were waiting for, like, five minutes in the car, so they have me leaning in and making out with Jason, but you can only see the back of our heads and hear the sound.

It was horrible.

Have you always lived in the house they showed on TV?
No, it's a new house. Most of my life I lived in the old house, about 10 minutes away from this house. I lived there, and then my father sold that house too soon, before the new one was gonna be done, so then we had to live in this really creepy haunted house. I saw ghosts--it was the creepiest house. Have you heard the song "Bette Davis Eyes"? It was Bette Davis's old house.

And a woman had just died in it, it was really creepy.

So what did the ghosts look like?
Lo and I would come home very late at night, like after a party, and there'd be this pair of guys who would be holding hands down the stairs. It was a scary house. I hate that house.


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