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Linds Or Jess For Dallas?

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We already know some of the stars who are reportedly lined up for the new movie version of classic TV series Dallas...
But there are still two big names jostling for one of the key roles.
According to the Daily Mirror, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson are rumoured to be battling for the part of teen Lucy Ewing.
Director Robert Luketic remarked that celebs are desperate to bag a bit of the Dallas action, saying: "There are people scratching each other's eyes out."
Lucy was originally played by Charlene Tilton and nicknamed the Poison Dwarf by Terry Wogan in the eighties. Charlene, now 47, said:
"They are thinking of casting Lindsay Lohan as Lucy and I'm a fan of hers. I think it is a great choice."

So far John Travolta and Jennifer Lopez are meant to have been cast as oil tycoon JR Ewing and his wife Sue Ellen.
Luke Wilson is lined up for the role of Bobby Ewing, and there are whispers that Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross is in the running to play his wife Pamela.
Shirley MacLaine will play matriarchal Miss Ellie, with Bill Murray stepping into the shoes of 'Jock' Ewing.
How the makers will choose between Linds and Jess, we don't know - but check out the gallery above to see who wins when we pitch them against each other...

Go here to see the Jessica vs. Lindsay gallery:,,50001-1215558,00.html


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