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Hoopz interview.

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Unless you live under a crack rock, you are probably well aware that Hoopz knocked New York out of the box on Flavor of Love. Ron Mexico got to have quite the interesting chat with Nicole “Nikki” Alexander. The 313 representative took the gloves off and let it fly about her Flavorful future, getting it from her mama, and stealin on New York.

Seriously, homegirl Hoopz can talk her shit with the best of us. She belongs on Talkin’ Videos. Here's a short audio version.. Find out what Hoopz really thinks about Pumkin spitting on New York.

No different from anyone we’ve ever talked to about Foofy, our darling Nikki cites his wonderful, earnest personality as a reason for attraction and believes she’ll be able to keep him happy because their personalities match.

In discussing what will happen with her and Flav Hoopz says she can’t quite call it:

Hoopz:It would have to be whatever we decide to do… I can’t say we’ll get married [etc.] Because it takes two to figure that out... It would just have to be whatever we make of it.

While I had Hoopz' attention, you know I had to ask this one...

RM: Speaking of living with… Is that really Flavor Flav’s house that y’all are at on the show?

Hoopz: [laughing] No comment!

RM: [On the Mom episode] you said some stuff in regards to your mom and her relationship with some of your past boyfriends and how you felt about her and Flav… are you really worried about your mom pushin up on Flavor?

Hoopz: No!… [laughing] It’s television and everybody needs a story to roll with… They just made it look like that… We were joking about my ex-ex-ex boyfriend.

RM: Damn. They be choppin y’all up!

Hoopz: They be choppin the mess-- Yeah!!!

RM: I’m at home like “H-WHAT?!?!”

Hoopz: Yeah! I was like “WHAT?!” As a matter of fact she done called and cussed me out! I was like “Mom, I’m not the editor or producer! They can do what they want.”

Not to compare Hoopz to NY, but we would all expect another Strange Love had Flavor chosen CB4. Now that he hasn’t, and we don’t know what to expect, I thought it appropriate to tell you what Hoopz thought regarding a spinoff series.

Hoopz: Would I be interested in doing another show? Probably not… Even though it’s reality, there’s still a fakeness that comes with that and it’s hard for me to be a part of it… People really can’t take that seriously.

Case in point: The dude she’s talking to (me)… and the people reading along today. We’ve got little to no faith in reality programming. Especially reality DATING programming. She’s admittedly overwhelmed by the end results (as far as what she’s seeing on television). With that said, she maintains that she can’t speak for the other girls.

Hoopz: Even though, like I said, there’s a lot of fakeness comes with it, I was in a house with 19 other crazy-ass girls. But for me to sit there and say that’s not their world, I really don’t know ‘cause I don’t know ‘em, and I didn’t get to know them. But you can also tell… living with somebody for 3 weeks what they’re really about... I can honestly say [that] me, Goldie and Pumkin was the realest ones.

Ahhh… Pumkin. She beat me to the magic word!

RM: How do you feel about that whole Pumkin spitting thing?

Hoopz: My feelings on that… Okay… THE SPIT WAS SO REAL!!!… and my feelings was that she did deserve it. Off-camera, like a lot of stuff that they aren’t showing you guys, is that New York is truly a bitch. She’s retarded. She’s crazy. She probably on drugs and she is a crazy bitch… She was doin a lot of stuff to the girls that the cameras weren’t showin, so she did deserve to get spit on.

Hold it… Okay… Now!

Hoopz: Me, personally, would I have spit on her? Hell naw. I would have knocked her the fuck out!… And that would have been the end of it.

RM: See, that’s what I would have wanted to see… I would have wanted to see Hoopz and New York throwin the hands.

Hoopz: No, you wouldn’t have!… It really wouldn’t be nothin’. But she scared of me, man. She ain’t crazy.

Y’all hear that… The crazy bitch ain’t crazy! Speaking of crazy bitches who ain’t crazy, I had a couple of Flavor Flav trivia questions for Hoopz, and she didn’t disappoint.

RM: You remember what Brigette Nielsen’s nickname for Flavor Flav was?

Hoopz: Yes, I do. Foofy fuckin’ Foofy! I hate that girl!

RM: [laughing]

Hoopz: [laughing] That’s shit ain’t funny!

RM: We saw that spat y’all had. It looked like she was comin at you sideways. Do you think B was threatened by you?

Hoopz: Nah, I don’t think she was threatened by me… I think it was hard for her… She’s still in love with him, obviously… I feel like she shouldn’t have put herself in that position if she couldn’t handle it… I don’t think she was threatened. I think she was just jealous.

Another trivia question I asked her…

RM: What role does Flavor Flav play in New Jack City?

Hoopz: [burst into laughter] I ain’t sayin it! Look how Ron trynna get me to… No! [more laughter] No! I’m not saying!!!

RM: He plays the DJ at the club! Where you thought that question was goin'?

She thought I was trying to get her to call him a crackhead or something. I don’t know man… Hoopz, you’re my homegirl, but I can’t put that bug in your brain.

In addition to making tons of appearances in the full swing of her unofficial Hoopz US tour, she wants everyone to know that she appreciates all of the love and support she receives from viewers and readers. She's got a King Magazine spread, and a more than a few more magazine spots coming. She told me to tell y’all that Hoopz Website is in full effect. Go there! She responds to as many comments as she can, so holler at the lady!

Hoopz is also coming soon to Myspace… and she will be my friend immediately. Heh heh! There are a lot of Hoopz impostors out there, so be careful.

Nicole Alexander is a great sport. We at Talkin’ Videos again thank her for her time. She’s a complete dear. If you see her on the street, holler at her. Cool peoples. Just don’t fuck around. The Michigan girl will twist your whole shit back and come tell me about it like Muhammad Ali.

Seriously, some days I feel like Howard Cossell.


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