Wanna See What Coco Looked Like Before Ice-T Met Her?


As you can probably imagine, Ice-T's surgically enhanced wife Coco Austin hasn't always looked the way she does.

The glamour model was once known merely as Nicole, a tomboy who enjoyed riding quads, playing American football and dancing jazz and tap.

Pictures from the outrageously curvaceous star's childhood reveal a far more understated brunette who 'didn't know why boys liked me'.

Coco, 31, showed off the selection of photos during the first episode of a new reality show focusing on her relationship with her rapper husband called Ice Loves Coco. 
In the pictures we see Ice-T's wife as a baby - pictured with her younger sister Kristy Williams who, incidentally, has also become a model famed for her oversized derriere. 

We are also introduced to pictures of Nicole as a teenager, again a complete contrast to the curvy blonde incarnation she has evolved into.

There's also a peek at her famous backside, which she releases pictures of on a weekly basis on her special Thong Thursdays on Twitter. 
Going back almost two decades, it's clear her infamous rear was not of the epic proportions it is now.
We also see Nicole and her sister pictured with their parents, actors who met on the set of U.S. TV series Bonanza.

While presenting the photos, Coco admits she was an insecure young lady who couldn't understand why boys were attracted to her.

She said: 'When I was younger I didn’t know why boys liked me. I didn’t think I was cute back then.'

Doting husband Ice quickly adds: 'You always look cute, baby.'

The couple also discuss how they first met, and Ice-T reveals his cheesy chat up line.

He says when he met Coco she told him she wanted a nice guy.

That was the cue for the line: 'If you take the 'n' away from nice you get 'ice' baby.'

Last week Coco launched her Licious clothing line 'For the everyday woman with curves'.

The range features dresses, swimwear and jeans that can fit a skinny size 2 up to a voluptuous size 14.

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