Dudes With Long Hair: Yay or Nay? Tim Riggins says Yay

We at Lock & Mane love a well-groomed man. You know we all breathed a major sigh of relief when the recent celebrity facial hair craze died down, but there’s something more troublesome on the horizon. Pretty boys with long hair. The Biebs was an early adopter of this trend but since he’s a mere child we can’t heap all the blame at his little man feet.
We can blame Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady.
We actually had a chance to chat with Fabio wannabe Brady last week at the Robin Hood Foundation Gala in New York . The NFL hottie told us he won’t be cutting his locks any time soon. His wife Gisele shook her head and laughed. We cried inside upon hearing this tragic hair news and it led us to a lengthy discussion on men and long hair. Is it ever okay? We reached out to some regular gals for their take on the trend.

Marissa Hagerman, a 27-year-old pharmaceutical rep, tells us that certain men can pull off long hair no matter what. Case in point: “Johnny Depp. He can do no wrong. Even when his hair is long and kind of straggly, his sex appeal knows no bounds.” Wise words, Marissa.
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So, why are Tom Brady’s long locks so unappealing?
“It’s a bad look for him because he’s not particularly mysterious.” Sarah Phelps, a 30-year-old corporate attorney, told us. She continues, “He’s a nice guy trying to rebel with long hair. Tim Riggins can pull it off. Tom Brady, not so much.”
We so agree and are delighted by the Friday Night Lights reference.

It makes sense that bad boys can pull off long locks. Take recovering drug addict and all around wild man, Russell Brand (aka Mr. Katy Perry). Russell’s long, unruly hair is his signature look. In fact, Russell with a short, sensible haircut would seem unnatural.
But there are exceptions to this rule. Nice guy Brad Pitt has dabbled in long locks several times throughout his career: as an emo vamp in Interview with a Vampire, a Greek god in Troy, and a brooding hunky woodsman in Legends of the Fall. The long hair is cheesy in Troy (much like the film?) but Brad and his luscious locks are utterly swoon-worthy in Legends...

It’s not that we’re against long hair on men, just long hair on certain men. Pretty boys should stick to the pretty boy handbook and keep their locks in check. If you’re not going to grab us around the waist, throw us on the back of your motorcycle and forget to call us in the morning, you might as well cut your hair, look the part and put on your chinos for brunch.

Bonus Taylor Kitsch:


Time for an attractive people post! I love a man with long hair IF he can pull it off. but if he cant, its a DISASTUH (see: Tom Brady) Feel free to post pics of your favorite men with sexy long tresses~