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'Idol' Ex-Girlfriend Says Why They Broke Up

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How she kicked his butt
(Mar. 13, 3:45PM ET) -- Fifteen-year-old Victoria Fairclough has good reason to consider herself more talented than her now famous 16-year-old ex-boyfriend, Kevin Covais.

She kicked his butt in a local talent competition in their hometown of Levittown, Long Island, New York, and then later beat him again in a county competition.

Victoria Fairclough and Covais met in a high school production of 'Godspell,' and became friends and later high school sweethearts.

But they broke up when 'Idol' began because they agreed he'd gain more popularity if his fans knew he was single.

In their Island Trees High School, 'I.T. Idol' competition, Kevin sang 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters' and 'Daughters', while Victoria sang 'The Wizard & I' (from the musical 'Wicked') and 'I Will Always Love You' -- she came in first -- there were no "places" following the winner.

"He was upset that I won," she says. "But he was still happy for me. He was proud of me."

Victoria says that she and Kevin still talk several times each day, even though his schedule's becoming more hectic now that 'Idol' is kicking into high gear.

"He's my best friend still," she says. "We'll remain friends," she continues, although she isn't sure if they'll ever get back together.

When Victoria and Kevin were dating, they'd just sit around and watch baseball and 'The Family Guy.' Sometimes, they'd sing together. And their song? ... 'Come What May' by Paula West, which later appeared on the 'Moulin Rouge' soundtrack.

And look for Victoria on 'Idol, Season 7'! Although she won't be old enough to audition for the show until the Fall of 2007, she says that she definitely plans on trying out.


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