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Ann Calvello "Queen of the Roller Derby" dies

Ann Theresa Calvello (born August 1, 1929; died March 14, 2006) was an athlete and notable personality in the sport of roller derby.
Calvello was the only professional athlete to have competed in seven decades: the 1940s through the 2000s. Calvello, who often sported dyed hair and wild makeup, was known for her temper along with her unconventional looks. She was nicknamed "Banana-Nose" by fans.
In 2001, Demon Of The Derby, a biographical documentary film about Calvello, was completed by Fireproof Productions. It has been released on DVD, and is occasionally screened at fundraisers organized by roller derby leagues.
In 2005, Calvello contributed many rare photos and clippings from her personal collection to the book Roller Derby Classics…and more! by Jim Fitzpatrick, published by Trafford Publishing. She also wrote the foreword to the book.
On February 27, 2006, Calvello was featured in an episode of the reality television show Rollergirls that was broadcast on the A&E Network. In the episode, filmed in 2005, members of the Texas Roller Derby league travel to California in search of their hero.
Calvello last resided in San Bruno, California with her cats. She never officially retired from roller derby, but had not competed since 2000. In early 2006, she was diagnosed with liver cancer, and passed away soon after.

Source:; roller_girls on yahoo

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