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Entertainment Weekly's "Must List"

1. Grizzly Man That Academy documentary voters spurned Werner Herzog's gripping tale of a troubled Timothy Treadwell is simple unbearable.

2. Joan Allen Yes she was nominated for her steely resolve in Nixon, The Crubicle, and The Contender. But what about her boozy resolve in The Upside Of Anger?

3. Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge Of The Sith Bad dialogue can't be fixed with a greenscreen, but the CGI artistry in George Lucas' space opera totally ruled.

4. Jeff Daniels The Academy was dumb and dumber to ignore his fine acting in 1993's Gettysburg and this year's The Squid And The Whale.

5. Mickey Rourke The pretty boy from 1982's Diner is all but unrecognizable as the misanthropic Marv in Sin City, but his talent is as obvious as ever.

6. Walk The Line Things that Oscar likes, based on this year's Best Picture noms: Great acting? Yup. Well-told stories with dark themes? Sure. Complex characters? Check. Happy endings? Ehh..not so much.

7. James Horner His score for The New World enriched the filmmaker's vision as much as his last win - for Titanic - enriched his wallet.

8. Shane Black After pioneering a genre with Lethal Weapon, he wowed everyone but Oscar with his script for Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

9. David Cronenberg So what does a supremely talented director with a morbid vision have to do to get a nom? Because helming a mainstream fave like A History Of Violence is obviously not enough.

10. Thandie Newton Her turn as Terrence Howard's vulnerable violated wife in Crash was one of the most delicate and courageous of the year.

Now me personally, ... I will admit .. did not recognize all of these names and titles. But I think if Entertainment Weekly finds them plausible, then we should find them award-worthy also. Because for once, certain items are being recognized, even though they weren't .. well ... recognized!


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