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Elle Fanning’s Fashion Icons: Alexa Chung and Marilyn Monroe

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Elle Fanning is only in 7th grade, but her fashion sense — and covetable wardrobe of Rodarte and Valentino — could easily match that of someone twice her age.

“I’ve always loved fashion ever since I was really, really little,” Fanning told PEOPLE at the Young Hollywood Awards in L.A. “I shop vintage all the time.” Dressed in Marc by Marc Jacobs shorts and high-neck top, the Super 8 actress noted she’s “inspired by Twiggy right now” and is a fan of “the ’60s and ’70s little baby doll dresses.”

Proving her versatility, Fanning enthuses, “I’ve always been obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and her ’50s style.” But it’s a more contemporary star that gets the ultimate compliment. “Alexa Chung is my style icon.”

But outside of a style beyond her years, Fanning says she’s just like anyone else her age. “I go to regular school,” she explains. “I have sleepovers on the weekend. I go to the movies with my friends. I do everything a normal 13-year-old girl does, really.”

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