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I guess NY will not be on Flavor of Love 2.

A blog entry from Tiffany Patterson AKA "New york" from Flavor of Love

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Life after the show! . . .Updated: 03/13/06


Dear Fans,

Many of you contacted me after the seeing the final episode to make sure I was doing alright and the answer is a positive yes! Because the show aired weeks after the results, I'm sure many of you felt like everything was live, but the truth is that I cried my heart in the limo, and quickly recovered soon after. It was not easy because I still stand by my words that I really and truly DID love Flav. My feelings for him were sincere. However, I did use the word "DID". Sometimes when you put your heart on the line, there's always a risk of getting hurt. But I've always believed when you gamble for love, its all worth it.

People always ask me the same things like "How could you love a man like that?", "What did you see in him?" or "You can do so much better!". Well, that is easy to say but in the beginning, I came in to the contest with an open heart and also knew it was a great opportunity to get exposure and launch my acting career. As strange as this may sound, I liked Flav's funny, eccentric and quirky personality. He knew how to make me laugh and keep things fun(I can't lie and say I didn't mind the fact that he had money. ..a girl like me needs a sugar daddy to take her shopping! lol). Over time, there was a connection and I slowly grew to love him. In the end, I was very disappointed to see his true character revealed. I realized he was just like the other girls in the house. . .Tacky and very bad taste! You would think he learned after Bridgette lefted him for another man; I guess some people don't ever change.
Today, I have moved on to much bigger and better things. Although he still calls me, and we talk every so often, I only consider him a friend. I see it as a blessing in disguise. Like my friend Tavia says, "When a door is closed, another door is opened".

Soon after winning, Hoopz was quoted as saying "I don't think anyone was really in it for Flav, we just wanted to win". Well she's wrong. I know there's at least 1 woman who was.

This is definitely one of the happiest moments in my life right now because I accomplished many goals I set out to do. Currently, I am in a special relationship with a man who loves me, who is ready to provide for me at any moments notice and someone who is ready to do anything for me in a heart beat. I wouldn't have met this special man if it wasn't for the show. While clubbing in L.A. , he recognized me and asked me out on a date. Since then, we've been hanging out, ironically, even watch a few Flavor of Love episodes together. I guess you can't always come out the winner, but life is about over coming struggles, rising to the occassion, never giving up, and more importantly, the lessons you take away from the experience.

To conclude, I have to thank those who supported me and got me here in the first place---my fans, my family & my God. I know I always say this , but without you guys I wouldn't have gotten this far. Coming into the house, my goal was to make the finals and gain notoriety---I did just that.

For now, I will continue to live and learn, to grow and become a better person each day. I have numerous projects that I am working on so I'll keep everyone posted as soon as I have time.

P.S. ok I'll admit it, momma's always right! LoL gotta love that woman =)

"New York is still in the MT F@*cking Building!"

Yours Truly, ~Tiffany aka NY

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