Lady Martha: Gaga dips into £68m fortune and builds a pad in the playground of the Kennedys

Sources say work started on the project on Chappaquiddick, a small island off Martha’s Vineyard, in September. Residents of Martha’s Vineyard – including actress Meg Ryan – are said to be bracing themselves for her arrival.
President Barack Obama and America’s ‘First Family’, the Kennedys, are famed for their love of Martha’s Vineyard, which lies off the coast of Cape Cod in New England.
Gaga, 25 – real name Stefani Germanotta – has amassed a personal fortune of £68 million in just three years and has been searching for a plot of land on which to build her dream home for more than a year.
‘Chappaquiddick is abuzz with the news that Gaga is making it her home,’ said a local source. ‘It’s a strange choice because it’s hard to get to – there’s only one ferry, which only takes three cars – and the mosquitos are terrible.
‘But Gaga loves it and is planning to purchase her own ferry so she can travel from the mainland privately.’

A local contractor has erected no trespassing signs at the building site at Cape Poge, on the island’s northern shore.
Carpenters and stone masons can be seen working on the eco-friendly eight-bedroom, grass-roofed, beach-front mansion which boasts uninterrupted views of the Atlantic Ocean.
The house will also have a swimming pool, tennis courts, staff quarters, a recording studio and a long winding driveway.

But life on the island, regarded as one of the most glamorous summer destinations, will be a far cry from Gaga’s home in New York. Chappaquiddick has just one business – a combined general shop and a mechanic’s garage – which is open
only in the summer.
‘The island became infamous after the 1969 car crash involving Senator Edward Kennedy, in which 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne died.
A spokesman for Lady Gaga declined to comment.
I’ve lived on Martha’s Vineyard my whole life so this is VERY excitng! It’s pretty common to see someone famous, but Lady Gaga is not the “typical” famous person that would visit here.