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Lady GaGa Desperate to make 'Born This Way' Her Most Successful Album To Date!

Lady Gaga accused of manipulating 'Born This Way' sales by giving it away free

Both the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times have given Born This Way negative reviews. They have joined many other media outlets in saying that Lady Gaga’s new album certainly isn’t the album of the decade. But initial sales will be decent, possibly due to the fact that Best Buy is giving the album away with sales of cell phones this coming week. An insider told me that this could add as much as 200,000 albums to her first-week tally.

“One of the stipulations of the Best Buy and Lady Gaga deal is that Best Buy will count the albums they give away as actual sales. In turn, this will help Lady Gaga on Billboard’s charts. This is pure public manipulation, but good marketing if she isn’t called on it,” I am told.

Lady Gaga doesn’t have to worry about her songs topping the charts either. Starting next week, Starbucks will be giving away Lady Gaga singles for free. Do you think this is chart manipulation or just good marketing?

source | im loving this album but all i smell is desperation this era. esp that new york btw subway!
Tags: lady gaga, music / musician, music / musician (pop)
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