Bradley Cooper Talks About Catching Vagina-Launched Ping-Pong Ball In His Mouth on Conan

watch Conan's reaction @ 24:50

Actor Bradley Cooper tested the levels of decency during filming for The Hangover sequel in Bangkok, Thailand when he caught a ping-pong ball popped from a performance artist's vagina in his mouth.

Cooper, his castmates and director Todd Phillips visited a local hotspot, where girls impressed guests with odd talents - and the actors were stunned with one performer in particular.

He says, "This one gal was able to eject ping-pong balls at high velocities with amazing accuracy."

Cooper decided to join in the fun and asked Phillips to take a photo of him with his mouth open, pretending to catch one of the balls - and the performance artist's aim was true.

He adds, "(It went) right in my mouth... (There are) Handi Wipes coming out from everywhere, (co-star) Ed Helms is throwing up... It was memorable."