ellinorianne (ellinorianne) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Don't bug Sting and his Stripper

March 14, 2006 -- STING requires privacy when he ogles strippers. The soft-rocking singer was lapping up dances at the Penthouse Executive Club Saturday night when a bouncer approached a nearby table of men having a bachelor party. "A bouncer came over to my drunken crowd to preemptively tell us to stay away from him," reports one celebrant, "saying something to the effect of yes, that is Sting, but he wants to be left alone (except by the leggy blond stripper whom he disappeared with into the upstairs champagne room.)" Sting, who used to bring his wife Trudie Styler to Scores, is known for asking topless temptresses to keep their dresses on when they grind his lap.


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