nikki. (monroeville_xx) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Mikey Way (MCR) Pissed @ Hate Community For His Fiancée.

From Mikey Way's official myspace (click here.) blog:

v. hat·ed, hat·ing, hates
v. tr.
To feel hostility or animosity toward.
To detest.
To feel dislike or distaste for: hates washing dishes.

v. intr.
To feel hatred.

Intense animosity or dislike; hatred.
An object of detestation or hatred: My pet hate is tardiness.

this is probably the most hilarious thing that i have ever seen in my entire life. We definately go on and laugh at all the lies, half truths and other nonsense that people fill their heads with. I usually ignore shit talk on the internet. sticks and stones. For some reason this makes me furious. You guys don't even know her! How could you possibly hate somebody you dont even know?!?!?!?!? and if you did know her, you would probably be best friends. She is the most amazing and incredible girl on the planet, and the girl im going to marry. Please have some respect for us and yourselves. Get some hobbies while your at it. Fly a kite. do some crossword puzzles. learn to knit. get off the fucking internet. = LOVE

O HAI MIKEY, EVER HEAR OF "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"? And seriously, why in hell did he need to define "hate" for us?

Source: Mikey's Official Myspace:

[edit: he's the bassist of My Chemical Romance for people who don't know.]

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