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HEY! - March 6, 2006

Im at home right now watching my fave guilty pleasure... What Not To Wear! I love this show. The hosts Stacey and Clinton rock my world! They’re so funny and evil together! Love it!!

OH i gotta tell ...I was out shopping with Stacey (NOT the Stacey from What Not To Wear) and i bumped into 3 of the canadian vj finalists, Erik, Nikki and Sean. They are so cute! We had a camera with us ( a disposable cam ha!) so we took a bunch of pics with them.

I dont know whos going to win but I wish them all the best! It seems like they are all very passionate, which is soooo important in this industry.

Anyways so guess what ? This Is my Life should be zooming around your radio right about now...so please remember to call your local station if you want to hear it...or if you want to KEEP on hearing it!!

Im so excited about this song! Its one of those tunes that I feel people will really relate to.

I am going to be starting rehearsals again really soon... so you know what that means ? PLAYING SHOWS!!! Woo Hoo!! I cant wait to play the new material for you guys! My band and I are so stoked to get on that stage!

Also Im gonna be shooting a video really soon and Ive been reading all the vid concept ideas floatin’ around on the messageboards, and i have to say, GOOD JOB EVERYBODY! Im totaly digging a lot of them! So thanks for those!

Well im gonna go and take a shower!

much love,

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