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update on the Nazi twins

The California twins whose pro-Nazi singing career has gotten international attention are now at the center of a bitter custody battle. INSIDE EDITION is with the father of the girls who has gone to court to try to get custody of his girls.

source: Inside

I hate to give them more publicity, but according to the show (which I just watched), the dad is going to court in Fresno to get custody of Lamb and Lynx Gaede, aka "Prussian Blue," to get them away from their neo-Nazi mom. The judge is ordering psychological evaluations of both parents and the twins. The dad apparently decided to go for custody after the twins' antics got splashed all over tv, starting with the segment on Primetime, and continuing with profiles in GQ and on various morning tv shows. The dad said he's not part of the Aryan Nation/neo-Nazi brotherhood and hopes to un-brainwash them, so maybe this is a good thing? Eh, who knows.

oh, and this is the snowman they made:

sweet kids, huh?

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