Aina (fashionista__x3) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

news on winner of Project Runway

March 13, 2006 -- THE winner of "Project Runway," Chloe Dao, arrived home in Houston over the weekend to find out that all the clothes she designed before the reality series began are now out of stock, according to reports. 

Chloe - the 34-year-old Vietnamese-American who fled Southeast Asia in 1979 with her parents and seven sisters - owns a small boutique, Lot 8, in Houston. She sold her clothes there and over the Internet at 

She says she has been so absorbed by the show that she had no time to re-stock her designs. 

It will take at least until April before she will have more clothes to sell. 

Still, since December when the show began, business at her boutique - which sells other people's designs as well as her own - has doubled, she told the Houston Chronicle. 

Chloe, who was something of a surprise winner on the second edition of "Runway," took home a $100,000 grand prize and new car. 

Dao says she may be most excited by the new sports car. 

"I drive a 1996 [Toyota] Corolla that's so dented, I'm embarrassed to valet it," she told the paper. "I'm excited [because] I get a car I can valet." 


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