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keeping up with the Boy Meets World post

i don't know if this has been posted before but i LOVE passions and remembered something about heidi mueller (or "kay bennett" on the show) and how she's engaged to matthew lawerence.

Soap Opera Digest: Tell us about the proposal.
Mueller: It was over Christmas, and we were in [my hometown of] Cincinnati. There was this really big snowstorm and we were sort of stranded. We were in my room and it was like 2 o'clock in the morning. He just looked at me and said, "I want to ask you now." I was like, "Okay! Well, ask me!" So, he did. It was cute. I was glad that it was in my room because I grew up in that room, so it meant a lot. Then he opened the box with the ring and I was blinded because this thing is unbelievable. He did so well. I can't believe he picked this thing out. It's gorgeous

Digest: Did you know he was going to propose?
Mueller: I didn't know he was going to do it over Christmas, but I had a feeling he was going to do it soon because my birthday [is in January]. Everything is around the same time: Christmas, New Year's, my birthday, Valentine's Day. So, I figured it was going to be soon.

Digest: Did Matt ask your dad for your hand in marriage?
Mueller: Yeah, he asked my dad like, five months ago. We started dating at the end of July. He asked my dad in like, August; three weeks or a month after we started dating. It was really crazy and everybody was like, "What!?" We've been friends for over a year. He had seen me in relationships and I had seen him in relationships and we were friends. I always just knew that if it got serious — 'cause I felt protective of him, like he was my really good friend — so I always thought if I ever dated him, it would be automatically serious because I admire him so much. And it was like that. The moment we started dating, it was so serious. It didn't throw me off or anything because I really thought that that's how [falling in love] was going to be anyway, if it happened. It sounds really crazy, but the only way I can describe it is that it felt natural, even though it had only been three weeks when we flew to Cincinnati and he asked my dad. It felt natural. It felt like that's how it was supposed to go. Then for five months, I was like, "Where in the world is the ring?" I kept thinking, "When is he going to ask me?" So every day I would be like, "Is today the day?" And he'd be like, "Obviously not because you've already ruined it." So then I was like, "Okay, well maybe he's waiting for the holidays or something." But I think the reason he waited was because he wanted it to mean more. I don't think it would've meant any less if he would've asked then, but I understand why he did because now, it's just different. If he would've asked then, I would've loved it and I would've said yes. But now, six months later, there is more of a foundation to our relationship. We laughed the whole time that he was doing it. I was cracking up. He was laughing really hard and then the moment that he asked, "Will you marry me?" he got really serious and really nervous and it was really funny.

Digest: So you knew he asked your dad months ago?
Mueller: Yeah, because I moved in with him. I'm giving too much information [laughs]. We moved in together right after we started dating. We talked about it. One night, we were outside his house and he said, "Would you like to get married? Let's go to Vegas." And I was like, "What!?" He said, "Move in here with me and let's get married. I gotta ask your dad in person." The next week, we flew to Cincinnati and I moved in with him right after that. My apartment lease was going [to be] up and it was the right time for that to happen.

Digest: Who was the first person you told that you were engaged?
Mueller: My dad. We were at my dad's house and by this time it was about 3:30 a.m. I walked downstairs and woke up my dad and said, "I gotta show you something." He couldn't believe it. He thinks [the ring is] beautiful. He was excited for us. You know what? That's wrong. That's not the first person I told. My mom called at 3:30 in the morning because she broke her foot that night and I didn't know. She had just gotten back from the hospital and she called to tell me what happened. She called right after he asked me. I said, "Mom, you're never going to believe this." She said, "Wake up your dad." I said I would tell him in the morning, but she said, "No, you should wake him up!"

Digest: Who was the first co-star you told about your engagement?
Mueller: I called Danica [Stewart, Jessica] the day after. Then I called Cathy [Jeneén Doe, Simone]. They were yelling and excited.

Digest: You're planning a June, 2006 wedding.
Mueller: I'm excited. I know that I want it to be warm outside. I think I'm going to do it back home, but I'm not sure. I don't even know any details. I was never one to really think about [my wedding]. I wasn't the girl who had the folder with everything in it. My sister was like that. She knew exactly what she wanted. Every time I go to a wedding, I'm always like, "Why a big wedding?" Now, I am having a really big wedding [laughs].


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