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John Leguizamo to Open Alaska 'Ice Age' Park

John Leguizamo to Open Alaska 'Ice Age' Park

Since I live here, I thought I'd show all you guys how desperate and deprived we are when a celebrity (who isn't a "has been" of 20-odd years) comes to our town.

I don't know if this has made major news, but here's a couple articles explaining the pics below... which were taken by me, btw, and I got This < > close to him. ;)

local article:
'Ice Age' star gets warm reception

He's been a Pest, a Freak, a sloth, a doctor and a cross dresser. But on Sunday, John Leguizamo was just plain cold.

"I used to complain about New York (weather), but I'm never complaining again," he said from an ice stage at the World Ice Art Championships at Ice Alaska.

Star-starved Fairbanksans flocked to catch a glimpse of the celebrity as he and Gov. Frank Murkowski officially opened the "Ice Age: The Meltdown" ice park. Leguizamo is promoting the movie of the same name opening later this month. He is the voice of Sid the Sloth, one of the movie characters depicted in ice form at the park.

The Hollywood scene in near-zero temperatures was bizarre to behold. Crews from 20th Century Fox donned matching violet parkas with the movie logo for the crisp weather. They were told to layer clothing, they said, when they found out they would accompany Leguizamo to Fairbanks.

Strains of "IceIce Baby" reverberated from speakers and repeated on a loop.

At first, the crowd gathering seemed tame. Jennifer Zamarron, 21, and Bridgette Stark, 18, were some of the first arrivals. They wanted a front row spot to display their affection for Leguizamo. The duo had fluorescent pink poster boards that when held side by side read "Dr. John, you're our favorite Pest," in a nod to his recurring role on the television show "ER" and his 1997 movie character in "The Pest."

The young women said they've been fans of Leguizamo for years.

"I'm a hard-core fan," Zamrron said. "And I have to admit, he is hot."

The crowd swelled as Leguizamo's arrival approached. Hundreds of fans converged: young women with a Puerto Rico flag, kids with "Ice Age" posters and DVDs hoping for an autograph, and curious ice park attendees investigating the commotion.

At 7 p.m., Murkowski and Leguizamo arrived on two dogsleds pulled by teams of Siberian Huskies.

In a North Face parka, but no hat or scarf, Leguizamo looked chilled.

"This is the coldest, most beautiful place I've been to in my life," he said after climbing the stage with the governor.

They were each handed a propane torch and together melted the sculpted ice ribbon to officially open the Ice Age park.

As kids began sliding down the ice slides and the mini golf course of ice was lit, Leguizamo was mobbed. He answered a few questions from media, saying he was chosen from the cast of "Ice Age: The Meltdown" to come to Alaska because it was a place he always wanted to visit. Cameras flashed and people pushed forward for autographs. Leguizamo found that he was fumbling than usual, trying to sign his name with gloves on.

While the movie star held the crowd's attention Sunday night, Murkowski walked easily through the masses, taking pictures with University of Alaska Fairbanks students and ice carvers from China. The governor held a more captive audience Saturday when he welcomed more than 40 international dignitaries and business representatives, including officials from Canada, the Czech republic, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Poland, Taiwan and Russia. The governor arranged city tours for the dignitaries to promote winter tourism for the state.

Ice Alaska is open daily until March 26.
Source from local paper

Another Article:
John Leguizamo Will Arrive by Dog Sled in Fairbanks to Open Park With 'Ice Age' Characters

ANCHORAGE, Alaska Feb 25, 2006 (AP)— John Leguizamo will arrive by dog sled at an ice-carving festival in Fairbanks to open a park with characters from the upcoming sequel to his film "Ice Age," officials said.

"How often does Fairbanks, Alaska, have a Hollywood star coming here in wintertime?" said Dick Brickley, chairman of Ice Alaska, sponsor of the annual World Ice Art Championships kicking off Tuesday.

Leguizamo will arrive at an ice stage March 12, officials said Friday. The actor will then help Gov. Frank Murkowski cut through an ice ribbon with blow torches.

"Ice Age 2: The Meltdown" stars characters voiced by Leguizamo and other actors. Leguizamo has starred in "Moulin Rouge" and "Land of the Dead."

Besides towering sculptures, the monthlong ice festival this year will feature huge carvings of Sid the sloth, voiced by Leguizamo, and other characters from the "Ice Age" movies. The sequel opens March 31.

The Hollywood visit means more attention to the yearly ice art festival, considered a world-class competition. The event matches teams racing to create intricate carvings than can be as tall as 30 feet and weigh more than 22 tons.

On the Net:

Source for Article

I didn't get there in time to see him come in on the dog sled, but he gave a little speech before torching the ice ribbon. "This is the coldest, most beautiful place I've been to in my life."

He was just about to light up the torch I think.

It broke, everyone cheered. *yay*

John and our Governor, Frank Murkowski


I bet he was soooooo cold.... (About 15°F at the time.. but it always feels like -20°F in the ice park)

Some close ups when he did his first interview with some reporter.

He signed a bunch of autographs, mainly for kids. He seemed really friendly despite the mob that ensued around him.

Time for John to go. No more Alaska.

Here's the ice scuplture of Sid, whose voice was done by John.

So I guess this is supposed to be on Fox News sometime... Woot! Alaska's movin' up in the world. :P

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