Horrible Bosses Trailer

This season's R-rated comedy boom has another contender: Horrible Bosses, where three beleaguered men plot to knock off their three sadistic bosses — it's like Strangers on a Train, but with cocaine and banana-fellating. The matchups are as follows: Jason Bateman must contend with his boss Kevin Spacey, who's channeling his madman character from Swimming With Sharks; Jason Sudeikis is sick of doing all the dirty work for his boss, an unrecognizable Colin Farrell; and Charlie Day is being sexually harassed on the regular by his dentist boss, a lascivious Jennifer Aniston. Together, they employ Jamie Foxx's hit man and try to better their lives by ending those of their bosses (though we have a feeling the filmmakers would prefer to knock off Bad Teacher and Friends With Benefits, the two adult comedies with lusty-lady movie stars that are crowding Bosses on the summer schedule).