The Goddess of Food™ has a NEW SHOW coming that ALL OF YOU are going to watch

Today on the Rachael Ray Show, Mario Batali, Sara Moulton, Guy Fieri, and Graham Kerr all paid visits, and Rachael Ray took the opportunity with Guy Fieri to announce their new show Guy vs. Rachael's Celebrity Smackdown (it was also mentioned in a press release last month).

Rachael Ray described the new show as "the cooking equivalent of Dancing with the Stars." Guy Fieri, who called Ray "my sister from another mister," elaborated: "We're gonna get some celebrities who are gonna come on the show, with different levels of culinary technique and who are into cooking. Rachael's gonna get five, I'm gonna get five, and it's gonna be battle royale."

Watch the life changing video of the announcement at the source

I can't wait for this! The more Rachael the better!