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Gunn blames Kors for ‘Runway’ travesty

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A lot of “Project Runway” fans — including yours truly — are still mad that Season 8 ended in October with incredibly unpopular Gretchen Jones named the winner instead of incredibly popular Mondo Guerra.

Six months later, “Runway” mentor Tim Gunn is still steaming about it.

“Why did the villain win? Why?” he asked at a personal appearance in Salt Lake City last weekend. “I could not believe it. Gretchen’s talented, and she’s not a horrible person. But was she the winner of the season? I don’t think so.”

Gunn was clearly not a Gretchen fan. During Season 8, he took the unprecedented step of scolding her in front of the other contestants for her behavior.

“The ‘Project Runway’ designers are like my kids,” Gunn said. “I love them all. I will say I love some more than others. And there’s some I wish I’d left in a basket.”

Crack-smoking judgesCollapse )

Season 9 will film in June and July, and according to Gunn, it may begin airing before it’s finished shooting.

Scott D. Pierce for the Salt Lake Tribune
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