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Mar. 11 8:00PM ET) -- TMZ has been digging around for some juicy nuggets about the 12 'American Idol' finalists. From ex-girlfriends to ringtones, here's the 'A.I.' lowdown -- the one thing you don't know about the final dozen.

1. Ace Young: Ace has an interesting choice of ringtone on his cell phone. If you're guessing it's 'My Humps' by the Black Eyed Peas, well, you're not even close. Ace's ringtone of choice is Michael Jackson's 'Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough.' By the way, a few weeks back, when Ace heard Jacko's tune, he answered the phone and told a buddy: "Dude, I got to sing "naked' and 'I'll be your daddy"(both lines from the song 'Father Figure') on national TV!"

2. Kevin Covais: When he's not performing in Hollywood, Kev is a bus boy at Sterling Restaurant in Levittown, New York. Oh, and he does the best impersonation ever of Cleveland from 'Family Guy.'

3. Chris Daughtry: He's a "big wheel" in Greensboro, N.C. Chris works in the service department of Crown Honda, when he’s not singing with his band, Absent Element.

4. Taylor Hicks: Taylor has become a teetotaler, at least while he's on 'Idol.' A few weeks ago, his best friend and the friend's wife visited the hotel where Taylor was staying. They were knocking back beers, trying to tempt Taylor to party. But Hicks limited his intake to straight up Coca-Cola, which is bolder than his typical choice -- milk.

5. Bucky Covington: He was voted "Most Likely to Trip" at his high school graduation ceremony, and guess what -- he did! By the way, Bucky's wife, Crystal, was so nervous during the 'A.I.' eliminations, she had a bucket next to the sofa in case she threw up -- thankfully, she didn't!

6. Elliott Yamin: Elliott's teeth are not exactly the model for a singer. But there's a medical reason why they're crooked. Elliott has diabetes, which can lead to crooked teeth. Elliott must wear a insulin pump to regulate his blood sugar levels.

. Mandisa: She walks around the hotel in a "Jesus Loves Pedro" t-shirt. She is also a "worship leader" at Beth Moore's Living Proof Live conferences and wants to become a Bible teacher.

8. Lisa Tucker: We're here to tell you that Lisa has a boyfriend. TMZ has seen them together. He's tall, thin, low key, and kind of timid around her these days. He sometimes visits Lisa in her hotel and has dinner with her -- and her mom.

9. Paris Bennett: Paris often walks around the hotel wearing her favorite yellow 'Sponge Bob' sweatshirt. By the way, she REALLY disliked Brenna and even said she would do "a little dance" the moment she was voted off the show.

10. Kellie Pickler: Seems Kel has a major sweet tooth. She frequently makes "candy runs" at the hotel and picks up Sour Patch Kids and Gummy Bears.

11. Katharine McPhee: For Katharine, the best story is how her fellow contestants fear her. They constantly talk about what a disaster it would be if they ever chose the same song Kat picked. Fear is definitely the operative word.

12. Melissa McGhee: Melissa has a stuffed animal named "Moose" for support. And get this -- she HATES watching herself on TV. What particularly bothers her is her two front teeth. She also considered flying out her own make-up artist to Hollywood because she thought her make-up looked "weird" on the show.

source: AOL

edit! I forgot to add the girls! I just did it.

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