Cheryl Cole insusts Geordie accent will nawt confuse Amuricun X Factor vuers

There had been fears that her strong Geordie twang could prove too difficult for a new audience in the States.

But, as she attended her first audition in Los Angeles, she said she was not worried about the issue.
Cole told the Press Association: ''Americans can always understand me. I've been here a lot, I've got a lot of American friends and we have the odd moments where they're like 'What? - What did that mean?' - you know, a phrase. But I think that it's going to be something that people get used to. And I'm proud of my accent.''

Cole's place was confirmed just last week after months of speculation about whether she would land the role on the US version of the show which TV supremo Simon Cowell is launching in the autumn.

Cowell joked yesterday that Cole could mime to someone else's voice to get round any accent problems.


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