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Some recent soap headlines...

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Oh, Liza/Eden/Tangie, we hardly knew ye!


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Frank Lambert/Bobby Ewing's scrubbing up for a return to soap...

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Marcy Walker Finds Her Faith

She pushed her half-sister out of a second-story window. She locked her husband in a so-called safe room and had his twin brother assume his life. She embezzled millions of dollars from a company she was supposed to be running. She miraculously recovered from a brain tumor. Oh, and she and her mother carried on an affair with the same man. So what's a girl supposed to for an encore?

For former All My Children star Marcy Walker (ex-Liza Colby) the decision was easy: sharing the joy of faith with children.

While soap fans may forever remember Walker as All My Children's Liza Colby or good-girl Eden Capwell of Santa Barbara, a new generation knows her simply as Marcy Smith, director of children's ministries at Lake Forest Community Church in Cornelius, North Carolina.

It may seem like a huge stretch to go from hopping in and out of bed with men to counseling children on faith and God. Indeed, Smith said that she grew up in a home where religion played no part. It wasn't until Walker started her acting career in New York that religion slowly crept into her life. She became active at the Hope Evangelical Free Church in Wilton, Connecticut. There, Smith taught Sunday school and assisted with vacation Bible school.

Somewhere along the way, Smith states that she lost touch with God. But when several of her colleagues died over the years, she prayed to God to help guide her in a new direction. The actress left her role on All My Children in 2004 and, with the exception of a guest appearance here and there, has not returned.

Smith became aware of a young, fast-growing congregation in rural North Carolina seeking someone to work with its children. Almost immediately, Smith knew that this was her calling. After an intense interviewing process, Smith was hired from a field of some 60 applicants. She and her real-life husband, Doug Smith, to whom she has been married since 1999, moved to Huntersville, North Carolina in August 2005.

Though Smith has moved far away from her forming stomping grounds as an actress, she still gets the occasional call from an agent wanting her to consider a television gig. And with legions of soap fans around the country - including many in her new congregation - Walker finds it hard to escape her past as a soap star. Not that she wants to. Smith admits to sneaking peeks at soap magazines while in line at the grocery store, and the Internet makes it easier than every to keep tabs on all the goings on in the soap world.

All My Children is now reportedly looking to recast the role of Smith's on-screen daughter. With her new job taking up so much of her time, it is unclear if Smith would ever return to the fictional town of Pine Valley. And it is equally unknown if All My Children execs would dare to recast the role of Liza if Liza's presence was called for in the show's scripts.


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It's Not a Dream: Patrick Duffy Joins B&B

The Bold and the Beautiful will once again be visiting Dallas. But don't expect to see prairies and cattle farms, because the CBS soap will not be doing an on-location shoot. Former primetime soap star Patrick Duffy (ex-Bobby Ewing) will be joining the cast next month. And no, this is not a dream.

B&B head writer and executive producer Bradley Bell has been hinting in recent weeks that he wanted to cast two "big name" stars for some upcoming new roles. Last month, reported that former Saved By The Bell star Mario Lopez would join the cast in the contract role of Christian Ramirez. [For more information, click here.]

Duffy will take on the short-term role of Stephen Logan, Brooke's errant father. The role of Stephen was most recently held by actor Robert Pine. Pine was last seen on-screen in 2001 and had a handful of appearances in 1988, 1994, 1996, 1997 and 2000.

In addition to his 12-year run on Dallas, Duffy is also well-known for his work on the sitcom, "Step By Step." However, the actor has appeared in numerous guest-starring roles on such programs as "Charlie's Angels," "The Love Boat" and "Touched By An Angel."

This is not the first time that a former Dallas star has appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful. Linda Gray (ex-Suellen Ewing) appeared as Priscilla Kelly in a handful of episodes in 2005. CBS execs also reportedly wanted Larry Hagman (ex-JR Ewing) to make a cameo appearance, but were unable to work out a scheduling conflict.

Duffy taped his first B&B scenes on March 7th. His first on-screen appearance is expected to come in early April.



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