602 (mad_rad) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

dear aaron carter, you're not famous anymore...you dont have to make celeb&friends only myspaces

LMAO i found this celeb finder on myspace..and just had to befriend her so i could make backhanded comments at aaron carter. first of all..either he now has a myspace, or someone is just good with photoshop...

yeah...ok aaron you look a little shitty homie..

second amusing thing...

her profile is private but you can add her easily enough by telling her you would like to help :P
but the aaron carter that made that salute...is an avid poster/visitor on her myspace hahahahahahahaa telling her what celebrities have myspace and dont and talking about how he calls them and stuff. i guess thats what aaron carter does now that his career has failed...

even better he mentioned that he had to make his profile friends/celebs ONLY because he was getting hundreds of messages/friend requests from fans a day.

yeeeeeeeah ok aaron.
then it has a link to his "music" myspace...

and if this is the real aaron carter he has a grand total of 41 fans. and i might add that he didnt even have a song on there until i messaged him and told him to get one (a message that he responded to about 10 minutes later that i sent at i think 8:00 AM (5:00 AM in california...wow he stayed up late myspaceing!)

and as if it couldnt get any better
his name on his myspace/celebs only page is "why am i so cool"

no aaron...just..why?
i dont know if this is in fact real or not...but either way it gave me a good laugh...

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