Strippers Rubbed their Junk on Yvonne Strahovski while filming Chuck

If you thought Chuck (Zachary Levi)’s bachelor party sounded hilarious when Ryan McPartlin previewed it last week, well, we may have saved the best stuff for last. Wherever there’s a bachelor party there must also be a female counterpart, right? And true to form, the next episode of Chuck plays host to parties for both halves of the betrothed couple. And neither one of them goes according to plan!

“There was some inappropriate footage that I saw of this bachelorette party with guys in banana hammocks, and I don’t want to speak for Yvonne Strahovski, but I think one of the guys brushed up against her cheek with an inappropriate body part,” McPartlin was quick to highlight.

Um, really? That doesn’t sound like something Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) would plan! But yes, both Lancaster and Yvonne Strahovski herself confirmed the wild evening events.

“I was on a chair, so my head was level with these four dudes-- with their genitals. It was horrifying!” Strahovski laughed. “I was speechless after, but I did create a ten-inch rule that one guy in particular did not abide by. He was very close to my shoulder; he felt the need for contact on the shoulder.”

“Yvonne was so mortified to have these strippers around,” Lancaster added. “It’s just not either one of our bags; we were appalled…and I, like a good co-star, was just crying on the side so hard it was hilarious, hilarious, hilarious.”

“I had zero support that day!” Strahovski said pointedly of the laughter into which everyone around her dissolved.

The Men of Hollywood “guest starred” in the episode as the on-screen strippers who were quickly nicknamed, and since this is a family friendly website, we won’t repeat the full name Lancaster shared, but suffice to say “Snakes” was in there…

We asked, but no, the C.A.T. Squad, Sarah’s seemingly only friends, cannot make the bachelorette party (“Sarah’s been saving the world for the last ten years, so Ellie invites a lot of her doctor friends,” Lancaster explained.), but stay tuned because they may just pop back in before the wedding ceremony itself!