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Extended Play Partners with Biz Markie to officially Launch the Biz Markie Beat-Boxing Doll.

Biz Markie, along with manufacturing company Extended Play has officially launched the release of the Official Biz Markie Beat-Boxing Doll.

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The Biz Markie Doll, which is a replication of the legendary rapper Biz Markie stands at 2 feet tall which also displays Biz's notable 3-finger ring which can be seen on is past projects including his classic 12" hit "Just A Friend".

The doll also comes with a detachable hat and a detachable microphone which can be mounted in any hand and the doll also comes with it's own super deluxe custom made cereal box.

Extended Play has manufactured only 1,000 of these classic Biz Markie Dolls which can be purchase for only $69.95!

To purchase one of these limited collection dolls, visit: bizmarkiedoll.com
Or more information contact Christine Z-Pabon at: toolsofwar@aol.com


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