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Fugees at Chappelle's Block Party

Watch The Fugees reunite at Dave Chappelle´s Block Party, performing Nappy Heads and Killing Me Softly + a short interview:

(It´s really worth downloading, I swear!)

Chappelle graced the stage to introduce the Fugees to a crowd that was expecting just a Lauryn Hill solo performance (see "Chappelle Throwing A Block Party With Kanye, Lauryn, Others"). "We were going to have Lauryn Hill perform tonight but Columbia [Records] wouldn´t clear her songs," Chappelle said, referring to Hill´s record label. "So she came up with a better idea. Ladies and gentleman ? the Fugees!"

As the thundering bass of Bone Crusher´s "Never Scared" blasted through the speakers, Wyclef ran onto the stage, getting the crowd hyped with lines from the Fugees´ "Nappy Heads (Remix)." Moments later, Hill entered the stage, receiving a rousing cheer from the hundreds of fans who had gathered on the L-shaped block in Brooklyn´s Fort Greene neighborhood. Wearing a short khaki coat over a flowing white pantsuit and Yankees cap cocked to the side, Hill resembled the performer of old ? not the unstable, unkempt artist she´s been made out to be in recent years.

Hill´s verse and the emergence of Pras punctuated "Nappy Heads" and the group´s other hits, which included "Fu-Gee-La" and "Ready or Not." When Hill hit her verse on "Ready or Not," the crowd joined in enthusiastically: "So while you´re imitating Al Capone/ I´ll be Nina Simone ..." Though Hill´s new work is supposed to be in the singer/songwriter mold, she was all about dropping lyrics on this night, except when she gloriously sang "Killing Me Softly" to minimal accompaniment from the backing band.

The reunion´s most delicious moment came when Wyclef, standing at a mic with his guitar, told the crowd it was time to put an end to all the rumors. Immediately, the band behind him unleashed the rhythmic stabs of Lauryn Hill´s solo cut "Lost Ones," which many have considered to be a veiled declaration of autonomy from Hill toward her former bandmate. "It´s funny how money change a situation/ Miscommunication leads to complication/ My emancipation don´t fit your equation," she rapped, shoving herself in Wyclef´s grill. While Pras and Hill danced around him with mock anger, Wyclef simply held his pose, eyes rolled upwards as he took the faux-abuse. It was a self-aware moment that underscored the genuine bond the three once shared with one another.

Source: http://www.LauryNet.com

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