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Midnight Snack?: "Licorice. Not Twizzlers--Katja. I'm talking about hardcore black, deep-dark licorice. It's hard as rocks and gets stuck in your teeth. It's the best! And it's fat-free."
Sing-Along Movie?: "I've seen The Sound Of Music hundreds of times. I love when my husband [Seal] joins in. It's this big drama and he's like, 'The hills are alive!' He knows every word."
Bad TV?: "When I was young I watched Pippi Longstocking every week. Her father was always away because he was a pirate, so she would talk to her pet monkey. She was a little troublemaker. I identified with her."
Fast Food?: "Big Macs--I love that weird sauce with the pickle things in it. McDonald's is everywhere in the U.S. but not in the town where I'm from in Germany--we had to drive to the next big city to get it. It was a huge deal to go!"
Beauty Binge?: "Mink eyelashes. I think they're like a thousand bucks--that's pretty guilty, you know? But if you're careful with them, you can use them over and over. They give you Bambi lashes, not Halloween lashes. That's why it's fun to be a girl--you can do all these crazy things."
Fashion Addiction?: "I have maybe 459 pairs of jeans. Right now I'm into Earnest Sewn, but I like Levi's 501s too. I go up and down in sizes--I've been pregnant twice in the last two years. They're organized by pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy."
Shopping Spree?: "M&J trimming [in N.Y.C.]. They have everything from buttons to rhinestones. You can redo and Bedazzle all your clothes."


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Teri Hatcher: "Of all the women, she's the farthest from her character. There's nothing klutzy about Teri--she's savvy. She's also a great cook who always brings stuff to the set."
Felicity Huffman: "Normal and unaffected. She has kids and a life. When you invite her to a party, her usual response is, 'I turn into a pumpkin at 9 o'clock.' I love that."
Marcia Cross: "I like her, but I don't know her well. She's friendly, but a really complicated person. I think that's cool."
Eva Longoria: "Really friendly, with a huge belly laugh. Eva's hot, off the charts--she's everywhere!"
Nicollette Sheridan: "Bigger than life. Nicollette enters a room and takes it over. She makes no apologies for anything--what she wears, what she says."


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Jessica Simpson, 25, burst into tears while dining with a dozen friends at Santa Fe's Old House restaurant on Feb. 15. "Jessica was in a good mood, and then suddenly in the middle of dinner she got a mystery call and she completely changed," a source tells Star People. "She got tense and burst out crying right there in front of everyone! Then she ran out the door. Everyone looked at each other and assumed it was a call from Nick [Lachey]."


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Because he reckons his baby was conceived while he was making the movie The Assassination of Jesse James, Brad Pitt is thinking of naming the baby James if it's a boy and Jess if it's a girl, a close friend of Brad, 42, tells Star People. "He thinks it'd be neat," the friend says. "And he really likes the names."


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Do celebrities hold onto their old baby clothes? In the case of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, let's hope so, since they'll be clothing and feeding another girl once April is here!

A source close to the actress says that she and husband of four years Chris, 28, learned the baby's sex in early December at one of Gwyneth's appointments with her OB-GYN at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, Calif.

Now, with the birth approaching, a source says that the actress, 33, is starting to spread the exciting news to her friends. "She's got a clean bill of health and isn't nervous about the pregnancy. This time around things have been even easier for her than when she was expecting Apple," says the source.


"I was wearing a dress--a sample--and the stitching hadn't been reinforced. And I shifted [positions], and my whole dress split right open [down both sides]. The straps popped open, and we were pinning me back together." --Melissa Rivers

"The first time I won, I went to find my friends afterward and everyone had left. I ended up at Baskin-Robbins." --Jodie Foster

"I kept stepping on the train of my dress and ripping it. But it's all part of it, and it's all right. I just had to embrace it." --Virginia Madsen

Image hosting by Photobucket "I should have brought a snack because the show is really long. I should've brought binoculars because I sat in the nosebleed section. And I should've brought one of those inflatable stadium cushions to sit on." --Mark Ruffalo

"The second year I went I had a beautiful red dress made for me. I was all made up and ready to go, and I sat down to look in the mirror one last time and realized that the corset on the gown wouldn't allow me to sit! So there was an emergency call to the seamstress to get out the scissors and resew the dress." --Geena Davis

Image hosting by Photobucket "Neil Lane sent me incredibly beautiful diamonds. A reporter asked me about them, and I couldn't remember his name. I felt terrible about it." --Maggie Gyllenhaal

"I forgot to request anything other than a stretch limo, and they sent the goofiest, longest limousine. It went for blocks! I was so self-conscious about the size of the car; the driver arrived 10 minutes before my wife and I did. I would like to go on record that I didn't order that car. It was falling apart--it wasn't a pretty vehicle." --Greg Kinnear


If they made an indie film about you, it would be...?
- Image hosting by Photobucket "A fabulous action-adventure film like Indiana Jones, even though I've done nothing like that in my life. It'd be called Indiana Jess." --Jessica Biel

- "A Japanimation cartoon about moving mountains with your energy fire called Dragon Ball Z." --Robert Downey Jr.

- "A comedy about the evils of Scotch whiskey." --William H. Macy

- "It'd be called Hypochondriac. Is that movie out already?" --Adam Horovitz, The Beastie Boys

- "Well, it would be a docudrama, which is a documentary with moments of reenactments, and it would star [the Beastie Boys' bodyguard] Jerome." --Adam Yauch, The Beastie Boys

What's your Sundance essential?

- "My boyfriend, Dino [Meneghin, her guitarist], and my 'board.'" --Liz Phair

- "Uggs, but I need a new pair. Mine are falling apart." --Laura Prepon

- "The scruff on my face. It's very indie-filmmaker." --Rob Thomas

- "Lip balm. It's so dry up here." --Mike Diamond, The Beastie Boys

- Image hosting by Photobucket "Pride in your movie is a must-have." --Wilmer Valderrama

- "Celluloid." --Joseph Fiennes

- "My snowboard. I'm hardcore about it." --Justin Timberlake

- "Dr. Hauschka's Rose day cream, and Fresh's Brown Sugar body polish." --Maggie Gyllenhaal

- "Leg warmers. I think they look really ridiculous, but I like ridiculous." --Gael Garcia Bernal

- "The washer-dryer I got in a gift bag. I hope they install it for me because I don't know how to." --Matt Dillon


Image hosting by Photobucket "So many people preach that they love fashion, but really, it's what I live for." --Lindsay Lohan

"My kids have a vague understanding of what I do: It's pretend. We play these games where we fake-cry and see who's the best fake-crier. They go, "Waah!' then say, 'I was acting!'" --Julianne Moore

"I love the frenzy and the energy. New York has that wild, anything-can-happen feeling." --Scarlett Johansson

"I don't do anything on the Internet when it comes to my own name because I'm terrified of what'll pop up." --Matthew Fox

source: instyle, star

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