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The Moz father, puttin carnivores in check

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It shouldn’t be shocking to learn that peta2 chose Morrissey to receive the Linda McCartney Memorial Award at PETA’s recent 25th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards Show.

After all, 20 years ago, Morrissey and The Smiths released an album called “Meat Is Murder” that has inspired legions of people to become vegetarian and get involved in animal rights. Over the years, Morrissey has been one of the most ardent advocates for animals and an invaluable force in the fight to end cruelty. He’s signed PETA’s anti-fur petition to Vogue magazine, endlessly promoted vegetarianism in interviews, and included PETA’s provocative “Meet Your Meat” video on his latest DVD, “Who Put the M in Manchester?” He has spoken out repeatedly for the dogs and cats who are tortured and killed in Iams’ Laboratories. And, when he was interviewed by the British music magazine, Index, Morrissey insisted that the article include a photograph of him with three dogs and a sign reading “We Hate Iams.”

Like this award’s namesake, Linda McCartney, Morrissey has opened the eyes of millions to the importance of a compassionate life. Unfortunately, because Morrissey was in Europe recording his next album, he wasn’t able to accept his award in person. And, although that was sad news for us, it’s good news for you because we have Morrissey’s acceptance speech

Video here: http://www.peta2.com/OUTTHERE/o-morrissey_accept.asp?c=291

*And yet he enjoys the occasional tube steak.

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