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"Project Runway" Designers Talk Star Wars

For those of you "Project Runway" fans AND Star Wars fans I have a treat! Since I was a huge fan of the hit Bravo reality TV show, I figured it would be a fun pop culture crossover article for the Star Wars Rocks section on

I was especially inspired after seeing this Star Wars fan photo featuring Tim Gunn, Santino and Andrae!

So I interviewed the designers Daniel Vosovic, Andrae Gonzalo, Kara Janx, Daniel Franco, Diana Eng and Raymundo Baltazar about their love for Star Wars, as well as their inspirations and appreciation for costume design. Plus there's a great bit where they all compare each other to different characters in the Star Wars universe as you can read here:

"Tim's voice and the wise mentoring remind me a bit of Yoda," Vosovic says. "You can really draw so many correlations between those two."

"Oh, absolutely, the similarities are overwhelming," Gonzalo agrees. "So maybe it's easier to look at the ways that Tim Gunn and Yoda are dissimilar. To begin, Tim Gunn is much taller than Yoda, and three times as chic. And try as he might, it would be impossible for Yoda to find his signature look at Banana Republic."

Read the full 4-page article here on the official Lucasfilm site,
Project Runway: Style Wars

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