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I didn't see this posted.

Pumkin is a Grade A Idiot!
Source: DListed

I knew Pumkin from Flavor of Love wasn't the brightest bulb, but she has proven to me that she barely has 2 brain cells in that big head of hers. In an interview the dumb blonde bitch tells us that she didn't actually spit on New York, that it was all staged and digitally enhanced.

According to her, the producers told her that she would be leaving that night before the ceremony and they asked her to give them a big show. When she asked them what they wanted her to do, they told her to spit.

So she spit at New York, but not how it appears on TV.

She said: "I do not spit on people. When girls spit, it goes everywhere,"

She alleges that her spit was digitally enhanced to look bigger.

Does this make any sense?! During the episode New York even commented how her spit got all on her chin. Seriously, bitch needs to stop lying.

But Pumkin delivered some even better news! According to her Flavor of Love 2 has already given the greenlight!

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