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Bow Wow's cockiness > Kanye West's cockiness

Bow Wow and Romeo are interviewed by XM Magazine separately, Bow Wow goes WILD!

Bow Wow vs. Romeo (new interview with both rappers)
Romeo's Interview.

XM: So whats the beef between you and Bow Wow.

Romeo: Well at first I didn't wanna come at him, but he kept tryin me. I mean he was one of my idol's when I first came out but now he is just lame.

XM: So in your new song "Hoodstar" you're responding to FreshAzimiz?

Romeo: No, thats where people is gettin it wrong. He been dissin me for the longest. I felt that I'm 16 and ain't nobody gon be runnin they mouth and expect me not to say anything back.

XM: Do you feel that this is going to be the next Jay Z .vs. Nas?

Romeo: Of course not. As much as Bow Wow tries to front, he will never have the lyrical skills of Nas or Hov. I'm not sayin that I'm the best, because I know I'm not. But atleast I write my stuff. I'm gonna bring that big head of his back to earth.

XM: Do you feel threatened by Bow Wow's popularity in the rap game?

Romeo: No. Its the other way around. I was on the line-up for the Scream Tour 4 but Bow Wow refused to perform if I was on the tour. Thats just plain jealousy. He was tryna knock my hustle, so the people told me there was something wrong with the contracts, that I didn't even sign yet, and I was released from the line-up and replaced with B5.

XM: In another diss towards Bow Wow, you were sayin things about Ciara.

Romeo: Nah, that wasn't me. I don't have no problems with her. Bow Wow just is too cocky. He thinks Ciara is Halle, Vivica or Beyonce when she not. This whole thing is stupid to me.

XM: So This whole thing is pointless to you?

Romeo: Nah I don't think its stupid. I just think that its stupid. He's gonna go to the studio and let Jermaine Dupri make a hit for him so this ain't gonna be no real battle.

XM: Okay thank you for your time Romeo.

Romeo: No problem.

Bow Wow's Interview.

XM: So tell us about the beef between you and Romeo.

Bow Wow: Man he's wack. You can listen to his songs and tell he can't rap. Then outta nowhere gon try and say I can't rap. This dude on Dancing with the Stars. Somebody is bankrupt.

XM: You been coming at alot of people lately.

Bow Wow: Thats because I'm hot right now. I'm doin my thing. I got the hottest chick in the game, the hottest album, and I just can't be stopped right now.

XM: Okay how did the beef with you and Romeo start?

Bow Wow: He been tryna be me from the jump with the chains, the rhymes, the dances, I mean get serious! This dude need to get his own stuff and be orignal.

XM: So where did the song FreshAzimiz come from?

Bow Wow: I was in my home studio when JD emailed this beat to me. I loved it and I just started writin to it. I'm comin at everybody because I feel that I'm the best. Alot of people got mad when I said Jay-Z wasn't hot no more, but look who on Roc-A-Fella. When I said that Will Smith was a gimmick but I don't care, he is.

XM: So how did you feel when you heard Romeo was in the line-up for Scream Tour 4?

Bow Wow: He was never even contacted to be on the tour because he didn't even have an album out at the time so wherever you heard that, its a lie. But I would never tour with that wanksta.

XM: How do you feel about Romeo's new song "Hoodstar"?

Bow Wow: I laughed at that track. Thats gonna be on the soundtrack for the Teletubbies. Man, that song is wack. I don't recall one hot line in that song. Too many -----s is comin at me with kiddy rhymes. They gonna have to come harder than that.

XM: Do you think this beef will affect your relationship with Ciara?

Bow Wow: Not at all. She knows that I'ma blow them away and everything gon be all good.

XM: Thank you for your time.

Source: XM Magazine

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