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Extra Extra! Read All About It! FOB Lead a Stupid Ass!

LOL x about 578349584903 KAJILLION! Man oh man do I have something juicy for you crazy kids!

I must admit, it was sent to a friend of mine who had it sent to her by another friend who had it sent to them by the girl it was sent to by Mister D. Bag himself! I could have said they were sent to me, but I don't want people thinking I have anything to do with emo kids. Anyways, I asked permission to post these after she sent them to me because I CARE ABOUT YOU CRAZZZZZZZZZZY KIDS AND THIS SILLY COMMUNITY. She sent them to me because I hate, hate, HATE FOB and she thought I'd get a kick out of the new version of drunk dialing - drunk cell pic sending.

So what's-his-face had the hots for some chick and thought this was a great idea! I don't know when they were taken or who they were sent to and I won't ask, as I feel this is plenty for us newshounds bloodthirsty bastards as it is.

I'm so emo I have a bat ... heart.. thing over my hog! Move over, Bam!

That thing's heart is broken because it knew Pete would betray him with these very pics one day.
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