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'Canada's Next Top Model' Press Release

Where I work, I have to go thru press releases sent by several new wires (and send the ones of interest to the Account Managers @ my job). So, of course, I signed myself up to get releases for things Im interested in as well (generally media, but I want to get into entertianment PR eventually - if Im going to shift thru 200 releases a day I may as well look for stuff for myself too!)...and got the release about CNTM's premiere in my inbox this morning. ^_^

The beginning of the release is pretty much the same description as ANTM, with 'CNTM' subbed in, premise wise; and also includes the prizes. But tucked at the end is a backgrounder for CNTM's judges, which might be interesting for anyone outside Canada. If Jeanne Beker wasnt on board, there'd be no way Id be watching.

Citytv Presents "Canada's Next Top Model" With Host Tricia Helfer - Premieres Wednesday, May 31st on Citytv

Expert Panel of Judges Announced Includes "FT-FashionTelevision's"
Jeanne Beker, Celebrity Hair and Makeup Stylist Paul Venoit and Model
Stacey McKenzie

The Winner Receives a Modeling Contract with Sutherland Models and a
$100,000 Beauty Contract from Procter & Gamble, and will be Featured in
Fashion Magazine

Details at

TORONTO, March 7 /CNW/ - Citytv Presents "Canada's Next Top Model", CHUM Television's exciting new Canadian reality series based on the successful "America's Next Top Model" franchise and hosted by actor and former supermodel Tricia Helfer. "Canada's Next Top Model" will premiere Wednesday, May 31st on Citytv stations across Canada.

The Broadcast Schedule is as follows:

Citytv Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary - 8:00pm ET/PT/MT

Citytv Winnipeg - 7:00pm CT

The show will repeat on A-Channel the following Tuesday at 8:00pm ET/PT, beginning Tuesday, June 6th.

After a tremendously successful recruitment process that resulted in over 1,300 applicants, 10 young women have been selected to compete for the title of "Canada's Next Top Model". Who has what it takes to make it in the high- stress, high-stakes world of modeling? The participants will compete under
intense pressure to master the skills essential in the world of professional modeling ... all under the watchful eye of cameras that document their every move. Each week, one cast member will be eliminated and the last model standing will win the coveted title of "Canada's Next Top Model".

Will they be able to stand the pressure and the intense scrutiny? How intense will the competition get amongst the girls? You'll have to tune-in to find out!

Led by Tricia Helfer, the Expert Panel of Judges in the weekly evaluation of top model participants will be "FT-FashionTelevision's" Jeanne Beker, Celebrity Hair and Makeup Stylist Paul Venoit and former model and runway coach Stacey McKenzie. In addition, each episode will feature a special "guest
judge", an expert from the fashion industry, who will critique within their particular area of expertise. Each week, these fashion industry insiders will provide the frank and expert feedback that will send one model hopeful packing!

About the Judges:

One of Citytv's best known personalities, Jeanne Beker is the Host/Segment Producer of "FT-FashionTelevision". Now in its 20th season, "FT" is Citytv's most widely syndicated show, with viewers across Canada and in over 80 countries around the world. Jeanne is also the Editor-in-Chief for a
Canadian fashion magazine, a regular featured columnist with the Globe and Mail and she writes a monthly style column for a monthly entertainment magazine. She is the author of two books; The Big Night Out (2005), a book on fashion for pre-teen girls and her autobiography, Jeanne Unbottled: Adventures In High Style (2001). Over the course of her career, Jeanne has been recognized by numerous organizations for her on-going community involvement and influence in the fashion industry, including Fashion Group International for her impact on the fashion industry and the Vantage Women of Originality
Award, awarded to women who are pioneers in their chosen field.

Celebrity Hair and Make-up Stylist Paul Venoit has generated fashion industry heat for 17 years, creating images with wit, glamour and style. With a growing roster of film, music and fashion star clients, he is today's ultimate style and beauty expert. Whether he's preparing Claudia Schiffer for
a film festival party, Kate Moss for an ad campaign, Tom Hanks to meet the press, or the housewife in the audience for a makeover, he brings out the individual's best, adding his own brand of beauty and style. Whatever the desired image, Paul distills its essence and captures the magic for the stage,
screen, runway, page, event and street. A staple on the Canadian fashion scene, Paul has amassed numerous credits, including the development and on-air hosting of "MuchStyl'n" on MuchMusic, regular appearances on lifestyle television, editorial work for top international magazines including British
Vogue, InStyle and GQ. His wit, style and sass as on air personality can be seen on Star!'s "Look-a-like", where he regularly transforms people into a well-known celebrity for the day.

Kingston, Jamaica born Stacey McKenzie began her career in modeling while in high school in Toronto. Being told she was "too distinctive" for the Canadian market, she headed to New York and was quickly picked up by a model management company. In 1995, she moved to Paris and in her first season worked
with top designers including Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler and Christian Lacroix, before landing her first campaign for Benetton, with world-renown photographer Olivier Tuscani. Soon in demand on the international stage, working in Paris, London, Italy, Austria, US and Japan, Stacey has modeled for
Alexander McQueen, Betsey Johnson, Tommy Hilfiger, Todd Oldham, Michiko Koshino and graced the covers of Essence, Le Monde and Panache, Vogue (US, Japan, Korean, British, Spanish), Harper's Bazaar, Interview, Fashion and Vibe magazines. She landed major campaigns for Calvin Klein CKbe, Jean Paul
Gaultier, Mexx, Reebok, Todd Oldham Jeans, Nordstrom, Barneys and Banana Republic. Stacey continues her career as a model and actor, while teaching runway, a pursuit that lead to the development of her own company, Stacey McKenzie's Walk This Way.

The winner gets a modeling contract with top agency, Sutherland Models. They'll be featured in an editorial spread in Fashion Magazine. And Canada's Next Top Model walks away with a $100,000 beauty contract from Procter & Gamble.

"Canada's Next Top Model" is co-produced by Temple Street Productions and The May Street Group, in association with CHUM Television and CBS Paramount International TV.

For more information on "Canada's Next Top Model", please log on to

L-R: Jeanne Beker, Paul Venoit, Tricia Helfer and Stacey McKenzie

Source: Canadian News Wire

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