Kelly Osbourne would rather be a bitch than a slut

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Kelly Osbourne has a reputation for saying exactly what she's thinks, even when it's borderline rude—and she prefers it that way.

The Fashion Police judge explained on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, "Well, it's one of two things. This is something that my mom taught me when we [were] growing up in the industry and I don't know how to word this, but you're either a slut or a bitch, and I would rather be a bitch."

"I don't want to, like, be a bulldog or anything. But I do get that from my mom. And I have this thing ever since I was a kid, like, if I don't like someone, I just don't like them."

Sharon chimed in, "I think it's a thing of just being who you are and not taking any crap from people. You stand up for what you believe in. And you stand up for your family and yourself and that's it."